Being Dyslexic for 50 Years

I am now in my Fiftieth year (50th, and yes that is the correct spelling, I looked it up!).

Since my early memories of school, I knew that I was different from the others or at least most of them. I have spent all my life with what was to become known to me as Dyslexia and I have coped with all its ups and downs in all the situations that I dared to put myself through. To sum up my experience as a Dyslexic, I would say that I have done well in my life, much better than the average person. I am not saying this to boast, only just to let you know I am beating this and moving towards my life goals in spite of everything. You can read it all only here at Dyslexia

It wasn’t until just recently that I knew why, read my Dyslexia Records

I was doing better than average when I came across the wise words of Earl Nightingale in his book The Strangest Secret where he quotes “Rollo May, the distinguished psychiatrist, wrote a wonderful book called Man’s Search for Himself, and in this book he says: “The opposite of courage in our society is not cowardice … it is conformity.” And there you have the reason for so many failures. Conformity and people acting like everyone else, without knowing why or where they are going.”

Dyslexia RecordsNow this idea took a few years to germinate in my mind up until the point that I took a real hard look at myself and decided that I had to be honest with myself and others. I had to stop swimming against the tide and get into the flow with this thing and let it take me to where it wanted to go, good or bad. I just had to ride it out, with any luck, like a skilled surfer on a giant wave.

Now, my brain as it is, remembered the Earl Nightingale quote as being a little bit different, to me it went more like this “The Opposite of Success is Not Failure.. it is Conformity”.

Now as far as I see it from my own personal situation, most non-Dyslexics easily fit inside the learning system, they get along with the way things are meant to be, they leave school and find it easy to go to college, university or go straight into a job. Non-Dyslexic’s don’t have to worry about being different and having to explain themselves, they can conform.

Being a conformist is okay if you like that sort of thing, however, conformity and success don’t normally go together.

For many years and without really knowing why this simple law that I now know as being a true representation of success, failure and conformity were in fact the things that set me apart from others and delivered success to me. I am pretty damn sure it has a lot to do with why successful people like Richard Branson, Henry Ford, Steven Spielberg and Albert Einstein, to name a few famous Dyslexics have indeed excelled in their chosen careers.

When you have Dyslexia you have to do things differently, in other words you are not conforming. Yes there are lots of people who have Dyslexia that, on the outside, conform and live a normal life, and these people are heroes to me. I can see greatness in them for coping with life as if it were normal, whilst on the inside all guns are blazing at all the mental activity that is blowing the virtual roof off. If you can keep your head whilst all the other around you are losing theirs on a regular basis, then you are a hero in my book. Dyslexic Do It Differently, plain and simple.

With all that being said, this website is not about a cure for Dyslexia, as far as I know there is not one.

This website is all about “The Hack”, if I told you a story about how someone “Cheated Death” you might be impressed and maybe inspired. Now I want you to think about slightly different words but in the same content. So, if I now told you stories of people who have “Cheated Dyslexia” and lived to tell the tale, not in a dishonest way, but in a way that can impress you and inspire you, would you be interested? I hope so because this is what this website is all About, Coping, Managing You, Surviving Situations, Dealing With It and Getting By the best way you can. Malcolm Gladwell tells a great story in this video about one of the most successful lawyers in the US who cannot even read. In fact, he doesn’t through choice! To some this guy would be a cheat! How can someone be a lawyer and not be able to read? Now this is the type of cheating that I want to know about.

You can look at Dyslexia in one of two ways, it can be a crutch to help get you around or you can live your life like those that have been successful and use Dyslexia as an advantage. Where does it help you in your life? Find this or these sweet spots and make them your own in your own way. Simply put, find what’s good about it and make it your own.

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